Fayetteville teen in need of mobility freedom

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- May is Mobility Awareness month and you can help one special Fayetteville teen get the freedom of mobility he's been hoping for- a wheelchair accessible minivan.

Fifteen-year-old Oren Lara has spastic cerebral palsy and has been fighting since birth, having over 25 surgeries and other procedures.

He's confined to his wheelchair, and he's limited to where he can go because his power wheelchair does not fit into the current vehicle his family has.

Right now, if his family wants to drive anywhere, his mom and dad lift Oren from his wheelchair into their vehicle.

The power wheelchair does not fit into their vehicle, so they take the regular wheelchair which limits Oren's mobility freedom.

Oren's mom, Catrin, said they have never qualified for SSI, disability or any other government assistance, and are solely dependent on her husband's income to cover whatever their insurance didn't pay for.

Oren's dad Ruben is an active duty soldier in the Army based in Fayetteville.

The family has been saving for years to buy a wheelchair accessible minivan so that they can transport Oren with his power wheelchair.

Catrin said they plan to buy the minivan, but the modification cost $27,000, which she says is too tough to pay all at once.

Catrin has handmade a quilt to try and raise money to buy the wheelchair accessible minivan

It's taken her two years to make and she's selling raffle tickets to go towards the cost in the handicapped accessible van.

"I often feel that I just want to give up and just accept that is not going to happen but I'm not a quitter. I used the fabric called "colors of freedom," and I think it fits perfect since we're trying to have mobility freedom for Oren and just in time for mobility awareness month which is in May,' Catrin said.

The quilt is 78 by 78 and tickets are just $1.

The drawing will be on May 27.

You can but a $1 ticket and pay directly via PayPal through this link. The family also has this gofundme page where you can donate also.

You can also reach Oren's mom on Van for Oren's Facebook page.
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