Got Text Neck? Doctors say neck and pain issues on rise

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Chiropractor warns of condition called 'text neck' (WTVD)

With summer upon us, doctors are reminding parents of the importance of limiting screen time for kids.

This is due to a condition known as text neck, which is associated with pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back.

"Text neck is what I consider a chronic epidemic that goes unnoticed," explained Dr. Korey Revels, a Chiropractor and owner of Revels Chiropractic in Fayetteville.

"It's basically a muscular imbalance between the front and back of the neck, you're also stretching ligaments as the head starts to fall forward," Revels said.

Kids aren't the only ones seeing an increase with neck and back pain due to text neck, Revels said it's a problem that can affect anyone who spends a big portion of the day sitting.

"There's nothing truly natural about sitting especially the way we do in society," explained Revels. "So, the more you sit you're not engaging your core, you're not engaging back muscles and you start to fall forward."

Revels said text neck can lead to bigger issues down the road. "There are many implications, visceral implications with cardiovascular issues because you're not moving around," Revels said.

"Then, muscular implications that can create degeneration in the future unless you are willing or able to do the exercises, it just folds into a bigger problem as you get older," he said.

Revels has recommended taking frequent breaks from looking down at screens and walking around.

He also says neck and shoulder stretches can help alleviate stiffness and exercises to strengthen the back and core also help as the core supports the upper body.
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