Win money for losing weight? Raleigh man says it's for real

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- When 65-year-old Raleigh resident Frank Norman saw ads to get paid for losing weight he thought it had to be a scam. But, after reading up on the company, HealthyWage, he signed up a month later, placing a bet that he could lose 40 pounds and keep it off and he now has the check to prove it wasn't a scam at all.

"But, you got to keep it off," Norman said. "Some people sign up for nine or 12 months and you pick the amount of money you want to deposit. I just used the credit card each month, mine was $50. So, over 6 months, that's $300 dollars.

But if you don't meet the goal -and you specifically read it there -you lose the money," Norman warned.

HealthyWage said it has paid out more than $10 million rewarding dieters like Norman for weight-loss success for more than one million pounds lost to date.

The company said it makes money through employers paying HealthyWage to power wellness challenges for employees, brands paying to connect with HealthyWage participants making life changes, and participants paying entry fees for the challenges.

The company allows you to bet and win up to $10,000 for achieving and maintaining weight loss goals as an individual or a group.

In Norman's case, he signed up for a $50 dollar a month deduction on his credit card for six months for a total bet of $300. If he was able to achieve his weight loss goal and keep it off for 6 months, he would win the bet through HealthyWage which allows participants to win up to double their money.

"If they see the weight loss you win," Norman said. "Simple as that. You weigh in once a week manually and you have to send a video when you first sign up through the app and at the end to verify the loss.

I put in a total of $300 and got back $969!" Norman said. "It's not a scam. It actually works."
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