Holiday gift guide 2019: These 10 items are perfect for the tech lover on your list

ByDanny Mavromatis WTVD logo
Sunday, December 8, 2019
10 perfect holiday gifts for the tech lover on your list
Holiday gift guide 2019: We tried out gifts that range in price from $30 to $1,700!

While the Internet provides endless possibilities for holiday gift-giving, sometimes the range in options can be overwhelming.

That's why Danny Mavromatis from thoroughly reviewed the 10 products he recommends below. Gift ideas range from the obtainable to the extravagant -- so one is sure to fit within a budget!

1. Awair Air Quality Monitor

Price: $174

Air quality is something we expect is good all the time, but in reality, it's constantly changing by many different factors. It could be pollen or ash from wildfires that makes its way into the house, dander and other fine dust, or chemicals from products inside. The Awair air quality monitor lets you see, at a glance, the air quality in your home with a simple score. By using the free app (iOS and Android), it can provide more detailed information, like air quality trends and historical data, and can send notifications when the air quality changes. This is a great gift idea for anyone that wants to make sure their home's air quality is safe and in a healthy range.

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2. Apple AirPods Pro

Price: $235

Looking for a gift for someone always on the go? The new Apple AirPods Pro may be perfect. These earphones feature active noise canceling that blocks out external sounds, but also has a transparency mode that use the built-in microphones to layer in the external sounds: Similar to weak hearing aids.The transparency mode is useful in situations when completely blocking out the outside world could be unsafe, like riding a bike or walking on busy streets. The audio quality is great, as is the battery life, which has up to 4.5 hours of listening time per charge and when placed back in the case for five minutes, can provide one hour of listening time. You can get more than 24 hours of total listening time from the charging case. It's compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV models running the latest version of Apple OS's, but it's also compatible with Android devices using Bluetooth connectivity. That said, the noise canceling and transparency modes work, but, the AirPods will remain in default sound settings if used with Android devices.

3. Flume Smart Water System

Price: $170

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who has it all? I guarantee you they don't have an intelligent water sensor. The Flume is a smart water system that can monitor water use and detect leaks. It does it by attaching a wireless sensor at the actual water meter. Then, by a wireless signal, it sends the usage data in real-time to Flume where it can be accessed by using their free mobile app (iOS and Android). If Flume detects abnormal water usage, it sends a notification alerting you of potential leaks. The installation is quick and easy and should work with most water meters. The Flume can not only potentially save thousands of dollars of damage from leaking pipes and toilets, but by providing graphs and goals, can also help save money by conserving water.

4. Sofar Trident Underwater Drone

Price: $1,695

Drone aircrafts have been a thing for many years now, but the folks at Sofar have developed a drone for underwater exploration. The Trident, as it's called, is not some toy either. It's an amazingly high-quality engineered product and a very capable underwater drone that can be used not only for fun, but can be used to explore and survey lakes and oceans. It comes with a 25-meter tether, with an optional 100-meter tether available, so it can reach fairly deep parts far and wide. The Trident can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or by using their optional gaming system-like controller that includes thumb-sticks and a built-in screen. Their controller has a very ergonomic feel, and it's easy to setup and deploy into the water. Once in, it's also simple to control the Trident. With its onboard HD camera and built in lights, live-streaming the video back on land takes no effort. The Trident can also record the video in full HD simultaneously. You literally just toss the drone into the water and then begin flying through the water -- it really is that simple! The footage captured is truly amazing and provides hours of exploration on a single charge. Who knows, perhaps the Trident will turn whomever gets this as a gift into the next Jacques Cousteau?

5. Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Price: $30

We all know someone who's constantly wondering if they closed the garage door. The MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener by Chamberlain will help put this person's mind at ease. Compatible with all garage door systems installed since 1993 that have safety sensors, the installation is very simple. Attach the little MyQ module on the garage door, then sync the hub to the garage door opener and the home's WiFi connection. Then, just download the MyQ app from either app stores (iOS or Android). Once setup, controlling the garage door and checking the status becomes possible. The system also sends notifications when the door opens or closes in real time, which is great for families who enter and exit through their garages. Once installed, the MyQ will provide year-round peace of mind.

6. Molekule Air Cleaners

Price: Starting at $399

If someone in the family has allergies, health issues, or just wants to have clean air, then the Molekule will be the perfect gift for them. The Molekule uses a technology called PECO (Photoelectrochemical Oxidation) that doesn't just collect pollutants like mold, allergens, viruses and bacteria that pass through the device, but destroys them! Most of the available air cleaners are not focused on looks, and if you know someone that has a critical eye with design, the Molekule will not only clean the air, it will look good while doing it. There are two models: The Molekule Air is designed for rooms larger than 600 square feet, and the Molekule Air Mini is designed for smaller rooms or offices up to 250 square feet. Filter replacements are simple to perform on both models, and they typically last six months.

7. GoPro 8 Camera

Price: Starting at $399

GoPro came to the market back in 2004 and invented the first action camera. Since then, they have been the leader in the space. The GoPro 8 keeps with the tradition of the most advanced action camera by adding HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization, which smooths out the bumpiest of rides. Also, a new built-in mounting system means you don't need to pack any other frames. Just fold out and mount. But what really sets version eight apart from the past are the new mod kits. There is a Media Mod that adds a shotgun-mic, 3.5mm mic jack, HDMI-out ports, and two cold-shoe mounts. Also, there is a Display Mod that offers a flip-up screen and a Light Mod that provides powerful LED lighting. And don't worry, it still comes with all the other features of a GoPro, like being rugged and waterproof down to 33 feet.

8. AirFly Pro

Price: $54

The AirFly Pro, by Twelve South, was developed to solve a problem we've all experienced before when traveling or going to the gym: How do you connect your Bluetooth headphones to devices that only offer a wired headphone jack? The AirFly Pro provides that missing link and even adds a couple more features of delight. First, the AirFly Pro can be used as a splitter where it can connect to two pairs of headphones, which is perfect on flights where you want to share a song or movie provided by the in-flight entertainment. Second, it can work in reverse, meaning it can be used to stream audio to the AirFly Pro into an AUX IN jack on a car, boat or non-Bluetooth speaker. Third, it can last up to 16 hours on a single charge. This is a must-have gadget that everyone needs in their travel bag.

9. Custom Watch Straps by The StrapSmith

Price: $179

Upcycling is when you take something old and turn it into something new and useful. The StrapSmith does just that and is the perfect gift idea for someone who has an old designer wallet or purse, an old family heirloom made out of leather, or perhaps a game-winning baseball mitt or football. If that's the case, The StrapSmith can upcycle pretty much any type of canvas, fabric or leather into a watch strap that can be worn every day or on special occasions. Each strap is custom made specifically to your exact wrist and watch size. The watch straps can be made for traditional watches or for Apple Watches, which includes the hardware to swap them out easily.

10. RetroFlag GPi Case

Price: Starting at $69

If you're looking for a gift for a gamer or tech person who was a product of the 1990s, then the GPi Case is something they'll really enjoy. This case kit turns a Raspberry Pi0 (sold separately or part of a kit bundle) into a handheld gaming formfactor reminiscent of one released in 1989. The base kit includes a molded case, buttons, 2.8 inch color LCD screen, and a "cartridge" that houses the optional Raspberry Pi0, as well as a soft pouch. There are other bundles available that includes everything needed to get the system up and running. Once set up, this gift will provide hours and hours of nostalgic game play.