Raleigh startups purify air in Triangle offices before employees return to work

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- As companies in the Triangle prepare to reopen, they will need to make sure their air quality is good. I2M is a startup in Raleigh working to make that happen.

Steven Ysidron is in charge of I2M's business development and said the company began manufacturing its Tri-Kleen Air Purification System just two months ago at the start of the pandemic in North Carolina.


"Inside the filtration unit is a UVC light that is basically killing bacteria and germs as it goes through the unit," Ysidron said.

The company said the device can purify a 3,000 square foot space.

And then there's the monitoring component. The air filtration company Qlair in Raleigh installs small devices in workspaces to monitor airflow.

The Raleigh startup is made up of scientists, engineers and developers who track the air we breathe.

"This is where we started about two years ago - looking at the data we can collect from the air quality inside the buildings," Dr Ellie Amirnasr, CEO of Qlair said.

"If you're not controlling your indoor environment and not tracking the harmful pollutants, you might be at risk."

State Health Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen echoed those challenges of germs lingering in the workspaces as more people return to their jobs during Phase 2 of Governor Cooper's Executive Order.

Qlair and I2M hope to put businesses at ease with a package costing around $4,700 total to install each of their device with one year of monitoring. The companies also offering additional discounts.

But if that's out of your budget, here's some simple things you can do at home or in the office:

  • Upgrade your air filters to a higher MERV rating over 13
  • Open a window to let fresh air in

"It is very important to be aware of the air that you're breathing," said Dr. Amirnasr. "It is for your safety and your loved ones and anyone around you."