7-year-old Idaho child finds rat poison in trick-or-treat bag

MERIDIAN, ID (WTVD) -- Meridian police said a 7-year-old child found a small bag of rat poison in their trick or treat bag.

The poison was discovered as the child was going through their trick or treat bag when they got home.

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"I just can't imagine anybody who would want to hurt a kid or anybody in our neighborhood, I just can't believe that kind of stuff would go on," said neighbor Jimmie Grist.

Authorities said the child can't remember which house the poison came from, so they've only been able to narrow it down to the area where the child went door to door.

"I don't think when somebody does this that it's done in a joking matter, they're trying to harm somebody. Why they would do that, I cannot tell you. They obviously have something wrong with them if they could do this a child," said Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea.

The takeaway message for parents--always check your children's candy on Halloween!

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