UNC law students rally to lift a campus ban on graduating classmate

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Sunday, April 14, 2024
UNC law students rally behind banned classmate
University leaders banned law student Jamie Marsicano last year after she participated in a violent protest in Georgia.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C (WTVD) -- Law students at UNC-Chapel Hill -- who are graduating next month -- are fighting to make sure one of their own can join them walking across the stage.

Law student Jamie Marsicano was banned from campus last year by university leaders.

This comes after she and 22 others were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism in Georgia for participating in a violent protest in March 2023.

The protest was against the "Cop City Project", a large police training center outside of Atlanta.

WATCH | UNC-Chapel Hill students petition to lift a campus ban on graduating law student

UNC student Jamie Marsicano was banned from campus in 2023 after participating in a violent protest.

In April of that year, dozens of alumni and students staged a walkout at the UNC School of Law over the decision to ban Marsicano. They delivered an in-person letter supporting her to the chancellor's office.

Jamie's classmates believe the charges are unfounded and that the ban is an overreaction.

"Jamie can't sit for the bar while these charges are pending," Nicholas Hatcher, a UNC law student, said. "Jamie has been training to be a lawyer for three years, has worked with lawyers and is ready to be a practicing member of the bar just like the rest of us. It's really unfair that these unfounded charges are able to disrupt her future so much."

Since being banned, Marsicano could finish her classes at Duke University.

The petition to lift the ban has 700 UNC classmates' signatures.

UNC's law school graduation is scheduled for May 10 at Carmichael Arena. The university will need to decide soon.