Missing 93-year-old Raleigh man found dead at Jordan Lake, officials say

CHATHAM COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A 93-year-old Raleigh man missing since Thursday was found dead along the Jordan Lake shoreline on Saturday.

Stirling Danskin, 93, of Raleigh, was identified as the victim by a North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resource spokesperson.

According to officials, Danskin came to the park Thursday afternoon, his vehicle was found Thursday night as the park closed for the night. Park officials noting that it is not an "uncommon occurrence or cause for alarm" since cars are often left overnight by boaters and campers.

On Friday, staff members monitored the car to see if anyone would come to claim it to no avail.

Chatham County authorities were then notified to help find the owner of the vehicle. Raleigh police were also contacted for a wellness check of Danskin's home.

A search was conducted Friday night but was "hindered" by stormy weather. The search started back up Saturday morning where his body was found mid-morning, officials said.

This is the second reported death at the lake in 2021 after a man drowned last April.

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