Mechanics rescue 'miracle' kitten that was stuck in car frame for hours

FRANKFORT, K.Y. -- One kitten will live to see another day thanks to some gracious mechanics in Frankfort, Kentucky.

D. Scott Bourne, the owner of Midas in Frankfort, has seen many things during his time in the automotive business, but a cat being stuck in the subframe of a Honda Accord was not one of them...until Wednesday.

It started off as a normal day for Bourne and his team. Well, that was until the manager of the Hardee's next to their shop came in with an unusual request: asking them to remove a cat that was stuck underneath a customer's car.

When the mechanics looked underneath, they found the kitten stuck in a hole in the car's subframe. Mechanics quickly jumped into action to extract the kitten, who had been stuck in the hole for several hours.

With the help of a fireman, the group was able to safely remove the kitten.

"After an hour of rear subframe removal, a Lexington Fireman, my lead tech and myself with some soap, sweat, and prayers, were able to extract the kitten from the clutches of a rear subframe on a 2000 Honda Accord," a Facebook post of the businesses website read.

The kitten, who reportedly looked worn out, was taken to a veterinarian for evaluation. She is said to be OK.

"By all rights, this kitten shouldn't have survived but through God's grace and the efforts of four people, she will live to see another day," the post read.

Bourne posted about the incident to his Facebook page saying, "This is the only reason I would shut my shop down for two hours!"

The shop plans to hold a naming contest for the kitten.
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