Rally against KKK held in Raleigh; KKK members drive through Roxboro

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A large crowd gathered in Raleigh's Moore Square Saturday to voice their opposition against the KKK and those who spread hate.

Hundreds of people came out to the event and carried signs criticizing the Klan.

Speakers covered a wide range of issues outside of hate groups. Some spoke on wanting a minimum wage increase, others spoke about protests at Standing Rock. Issues about the LGBTQ being intimidated were also raised.

The Klan was singled out and received the harshest criticism of the afternoon.

"This ain't no 1916 no more. It's 2016! And that don't scare us no more. But we have to have organization," said Angaza Laughinghouse Jr., a speaker at the rally.

Saturday afternoon, Roxboro police said about 20 people in vehicles drove through the city with KKK flags. Police blocked several intersections to get them out of the city quicker.

They noted that while it was not an event they desired, they could not legally prevent it.

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