Delayed leaf collection frustrates Raleigh homeowners

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Some Raleigh homeowners wonder when the leaves piled up at their curbs will ever be cleared away by the city.

Janet Hoffmann's no longer one one of the people waiting for leaf pickup. By midday Tuesday, the sight of crews gathering leaves she's had ready for months brought her to her front door with both thumbs up.

"We were so happy to see these guys come and get the leaves! They've been on the ground so long, and such a menace to the neighborhood," she said.

But several neighborhoods still have big piles of leaves awaiting pickup. While Raleigh usually sends workers out to make two passes for leaf collection, last month's consecutive weekends of wintry weather made crews lose nine working days. Now the city says it could be spring before all the remaining leaves are gone.

"The weather was certainly an issue but the leaves hadn't fallen for the first pass so the first pass was useless," she said. "So I actually contacted the city and said, forget the second pass in January. Come now, come in December, but was told that a schedule is a schedule."

That said, ABC11 cameras rolled as several trucks moved through neighborhoods on a leaf collecting mission. Some will become mulch at Raleigh's New Hope Road yard waste center.

Hoffman's glad the leaf piles at her curb are finally out of sight.

"They just did a great job," she said, smiling. "Now I just hope the grass can grow back!"
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