FDA warns against eating food prepared with liquid nitrogen

Friday, August 31, 2018

The US Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about the potential dangers of eating food prepared with liquid nitrogen.

The FDA says eating foods such as ice cream, cereal or cocktails prepared by adding liquid nitrogen can cause serious injury including internal organ damage.

In its warning, the FDA said inhaling the vapor "released by a food or drink prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption may also cause breathing difficulty, especially among individuals with asthma."

The "dragon's breath" effect makes foods with added liquid nitrogen fun but potentially harmful.

Most recently, the novelty snacks that have liquid nitrogen added just before consumption to create the "dragon's breath" effect have gained in popularity according to the FDA. Shortly after eating treats, people blow smoke from their noses and mouths to look like a dragon.

The treats often called dragon's breath, heaven's breath or nitro puff are popular at state fairs, malls, and carnivals.