New co-host for 'LIVE with Kelly' to be revealed tomorrow

NEW YORK -- For LIVE with Kelly's millions of viewers who have made the show number one daytime entertainment talk show in America, the wait will soon be over to see who will earn the right to co-host next to Kelly Ripa.

So who will the new co-host be? There are no names yet. For that you will have to wait until the next LIVE show on Monday morning at 9 a.m.

Will that new co-host come from the ranks of those who have sat next to Kelly Ripa? Maybe, or maybe not. For now, we do know she is grateful to everyone who helped her out.

"We have such a great family here at 'LIVE,' and all of our fill-in co-hosts were remarkable. They took time out of their jobs and schedules," Ripa said.

However, a regular co-host provides something extra.

"To have a stable one-on-one partner every day is so re-assuring," she adds.

"It's good timing for me because it's my 21st wedding anniversary, the same day we are announcing our new co-host," Ripa said.

It's no wonder why Ripa calls it "a very lucky day."