New exhibit 'imagiFAB' opens at Marbles Kids Museum

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
New exhibit 'imagiFAB' opens at Marbles Kids Museum
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Create, make, build, animate -- that's the theme at the new hands-on exhibit at Marbles.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A new exhibit opened at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh.

The new exhibit is called imagiFAB and it features special areas to help kids explore and expand their knowledge with STEAM--science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Children will be able to explore four different areas of imagiFAB: create, make, build, animate. Each section is catered to enriching a child's social, cognitive and physical well-being and can be found on the second floor of Marbles Kids Museum.

Leaders are calling it a perfect place for kids to explore their imagination and fabrication of the world around them.

In a short ceremony on Wednesday, leaders at Marbles Kids Museum opened the highly anticipated new STEM exhibit.

"Every time we open a new exhibit it just warms my heart because we know this is an opportunity for kids they don't necessarily get in school or at home," said Chris Alexander, VP of Exhibits.

Alexander says this is four years in the making and with help from Nugget, a NC-based furniture company, their vision for all around access came to life.

"Thinking about open-ended play as a concepts what's going to get kids running into this space and getting so excited to just play," said Hannah Elly with Nugget.

There is something for kids of all ages.

"I see little ones just being super attracted to these big build areas area because that really helps a proprioceptive input which is the ability to kind of like push in and get the energy out," Elly said.

Nugget co-founder Hannah Elly said being involved with the project means they are helping students learn.

"It's about access, we've often found that open-ended play is not something that all parents and all families have access to. Sometimes these toys that create open ended play and imagination are quite expensive so we really wanted a space like marbles," Elly said.

Alexander says with a new exhibit they are taking all safety and health precautions

"We rotate all of our props every day and get cleaned and washed and sanitized and then we come back through and wipe down throughout the day," Alexander said.

To plan your visit, head to this site.

ImagiFAB opens Wednesday and is part of Marbles Kids Museum's 14th birthday.