UNC's marching band is wearing 'The Ceiling is the Roof' themed t-shirts

ByDarren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer ESPN logo
Friday, March 10, 2017
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Everything Michael Jordan does turns into a cash cow.

Even his slip-ups.

The Jordan brand gave out new T-shirts at the ACC Tournament on Thursday to the marching band and the Tar Heels mascot that read "CEILING. ROOF. GOAT."

A Jordan brand official told ESPN that the shirts will be sold at soon to-be-announced retail locations.

The shirts are in reference to Jordan saying "the ceiling is the roof" at halftime of Saturday's Duke-North Carolina basketball game. It was Jordan's version of the "sky is the limit" for the Tar Heels football program, which he was announcing would switch from Nike to its subsidiary Jordan brand.

"I assume the phrase probably got mixed up with the sky's the limit and let it go at that," UNC coach Roy Williams later told reporters. "It's Michael Jordan -- do what the dickens he wants to do."

While some made fun of the faux pas, others tried to cash in, including students who began selling shirts with the quote.

But Jordan wasn't hiding. The next day his team made it clear that it was going to be embraced and put in motion a plan to join the fray.

"We love it," said Jordan's business manager Estee Portnoy.

The News & Observer contributed to this report.

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