North Carolina Superintendent race in the 2024 election heats up following controversial comments

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Friday, March 22, 2024
NC Superintendent race heats up
The heat is on in the race to lead North Carolina's public schools.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The heat is on in the race to lead North Carolina's public schools after past controversial comments made by Republican Michele Morrow on social media is getting national attention.

"We cannot allow this type of violence," Democrat Mo Green said.

Morrow apparently talked about executing democratic officials in past social media comments, which the Republican candidate for state superintendent hasn't addressed specifically as of Thursday.

"North Carolinians have been calling and emailing our campaign all morning angry about the media's attempt to change the subject of our failing education system," Morrow said in a statement.

She added voters have chosen her because of her plan to put scholastics and safety first in our schools, however, Green said his opponent has a "much darker view," calling her past comments "violent rhetoric."

"You see at a very time that we are working strenuously to make our schools safer, I hope you will agree with me that we cannot allow this type of violence rhetoric into our schools through the top public education leadership position of our state," Green said.

In March, Morrow responded to ABC11 about her campaign, including whether she feels she's being misrepresented in the public sphere.

"I think that that that's very evident that the political climate has become incredibly caustic," Morrow said. "Political agendas have no place in our public school system. So, what's happening on Twitter, what's happening on social media, it shouldn't even be in our classrooms. The discussions that we're having as adults needs to be for adults."

Morrow will face Green in the coming election on Nov. 5.