Houston model bitten by shark while swimming in the Bahamas

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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A model from Houston says she loves sharks even after she was bitten by one in the Bahamas.

THE BAHAMAS -- A Houston model said she loves sharks even after she was bitten by one in the Bahamas.

Model Katarina Elle Zarutskie was bitten by a nurse shark while on a family trip.

She said the shark clamped down on her wrist and pulled her under.

"Next thing I knew I was underwater and adrenaline just kicks in," she said. "I was leaning back for probably no more than 10 seconds, and this shark just grabbed my wrist. I know he mistook me. It was an accident and he probably thought I was food, and I am very lucky that I was able to rip my arm away from him."

After getting back to the surface, Zarutskie said she covered her wrist and headed for land.

The models said she's fine after the attack.

She had to get several stitches and was put on a round of antibiotics.

The man who owns the marina said nurse sharks are normally docile but said those sharks could have been feeding, so Zarutskie's exposed fingers and limbs might have been tempting.

Despite her scars, the model said she has an even greater respect for nature.

"Sharks are wonderful creatures and beautiful, but you really need to respect them in their home - and maybe not lean back."