2 Granville County elementary schools set to reopen following mold problem

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017
This message is displayed on Creedmoor Elementary School's website
This message is displayed on Creedmoor Elementary School's website
Credit: Creedmoor Elementary School

GRANVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Two Granville elementary schools are ready to open after they delayed the start of their 2017 school year because of prior mold problems.

Parents of Creedmoor and Butner Stem Elementary students said they were notified Sunday night that the schools would be closed on Monday.

Similar messages on the school's websites said delays were caused by the clean up of mold present in the building.

After several air quality tests cleared the building, officials at Creedmoor announced that students would start class on Thursday, August 31.

However, Butner Stem said their cleaning process required more time. According to their website, officials are hoping to have the building cleared on Saturday and begin the school year on Tuesday, September 5, following Labor Day.

A previous statement on the Creedmoor Elementary School's website read:

"Dear Creedmoor Elementary family. This is an update about the cleaning of the school. As you know, crews have been working around the clock making sure all buildings are clean and free of mold. Air quality samples taken earlier today indicate that the buildings have been cleared for re-entry. However, we have decided to delay the opening of school until Thursday, August 31. We need this additional time to prepare for next steps and ensure the absolute safety of our staff and students. We will provide you with additional information on Wednesday, August 30. This is not the way we wanted to open school for Creedmoor, and deeply apologize for the inconvenience this is causing our students and family members. However, we feel like we cannot compromise the safety and welfare of anyone, and must be very careful as we work through this process. Thank you for your understanding."


A new statement on Butner Stem Elementary School's website reads:

"We would again like to thank you for your flexibility, patience, and understanding during this time. Right now crews are in place and have begun the process of removing all mold and cleaning all surfaces in the impacted areas of our school. The crew hopes to complete this process by Saturday. A laboratory testing company will then test our air quality and surfaces. If that company declares our campus to be clear of all mold by Sunday evening, we will begin school on Tuesday, September 5. On Thursday, August 31, we will have a parent meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Butner Stem Middle School to provide you with full details about the process and the anticipated school opening on Tuesday, September 5. The impact on instructional time due to the delayed start is a concern that we share. Therefore, we will add ten minutes to our instructional day and have school on Saturday, September 9. We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at Butner Stem Middle School. Thank you for being part of our Bulldog family!"

Butner Stem will hold a parent meeting Thursday night at the middle school to discuss the beginning of the school year.

Many parents reached out to ABC11 saying they're angry that the schools waited so long to notify them.

"Parents who have prepared are angry to be learning of this the night before school is scheduled to start and do not have childcare lined up," one viewer said. "We are unsure why this wasn't tested earlier. This school (Creedmoor) is often neglected in the county and the last to receive maintenance. How long has this been here? How much have our kids already been exposed? This is a major concern but also such a disappointment for many kids who were ready to start school like everyone else tomorrow."

ABC11 has reached out to the schools but has yet to hear back.