Mother refuses to pay babysitter, tries paying in 'ice cream and fun' instead

A viral thread between a mom and a babysitter is making the rounds after the mother tried paying the sitter in "ice cream and fun" instead of money.

The text thread between the two was screenshotted and posted on Reddit.

The babysitter watched two kids for eight hours.

She asked the mother when she can come to collect her pay.

The mother replied by saying she wasn't aware that payment was involved, and that the babysitter got free ice cream and a day of fun, and apologized for the misinterpretation.

The sitter sent the mother the screengrab of the agreed rate -- $16 an hour, $128 for the day.

The mother then called the sitter stuck up, saying her kids are easy and offered the sitter $20.

The babysitter said as much as she loves the kids, she's doing this for the pay exclusively.

The conversation ended with the mother blocking the babysitter, and the sitter threatening small claims court before the father stepped in and paid the babysitter.

The heated exchange caught a lot of attention on Reddit, garnering over 4,500 comments.
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