NC vaccine campaign underway as state looks to loosen restrictions

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Monday, May 10, 2021
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"Our trends are moving in the right direction," said Cohen.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen on Monday acknowledged the state is on track to loosen mass gathering and maximum capacity restrictions by June 1.

"Our trends are moving in the right direction," said Cohen.

Her comments on the matter come as Sunday the department launched its Bringing Summer Back campaign aimed at getting more North Carolinians vaccinated. The campaign runs for four non-consecutive weeks. The May dates began May 9 and run until May 21. In June, the campaign is in effect from June 6-12 and again from June 20-26.

More than 140 organizations, made up of nonprofits, sports leagues, health systems, faith-based organizations, and other businesses will partner with the state in providing vaccination clinics, go door-to-door getting people registered for the vaccine, and providing COVID-19 literacy.

"If more of us are vaccinated, this virus won't have anywhere to go. And if it doesn't have anywhere to go, that protects us all," Cohen said. "The important point is, this isn't just about getting ourselves's about getting all of us safe. Safer together."

Several businesses, such as Krispy Kreme, have incentivized residents to get vaccinated. Additionally, other states, such as North Carolina are considering paying people to get inoculated.

"We're looking at that right now," Dr. Cohen said. "If folks need a little extra incentive to come by at a certain time and make sure that they prioritize it, we're definitely looking at those options."

Should the state meet its June 1 goal for 66% of adults vaccinated, Bringing Summer Back's June dates will still continue. However, the indoor mask mandate will still be in place.