More than $100,000 sitting in unclaimed lunch accounts, are you due money?

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Monday, August 7, 2023
More than $100K sitting in unclaimed school lunch accounts
At the end of the school year, thousands of dollars are left in school lunch accounts.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Thousands of dollars are left in school lunch accounts. Depending on what school district you live in, you may need to claim any unused funds if your child graduated or left the district.

The Wake County Public School System has about $103,224 in unclaimed lunch accounts for students who graduated or left the district. If you're impacted, the deadline to claim these funds is September 1st. To get your money, head to the district's website and fill out this form to either get your funds or transfer them to another student's account.

You can also donate the funds to the school's angel account to help students with insufficient funds to pay for their meals.

Paula De Lucca with WCPSS Child Nutrition Team says, "An angel account is one where, after students reach the maximum allowable amount to charge meals then the angel account services like a bridge account where students can tap into that and funds are available in the school."

If you don't request your money by September 1st, a representative says the funds will be donated to support the district's school meal program for students.

Families who need assistance with the refund process should call Child Nutrition Services at 919-856-2918.

For Durham Public Schools, the district only has $14,297 in lunch funds when students have either graduated or left the district. For DPS a representative said the district does not have a time limit for collection as the money remains in student's accounts until claimed.

Parents/Guardians can contact Sonya Daniels, Finance Technician, for refunds of accounts. 919-560-2370.

Cumberland County Schools has a little more than $13,000 in unclaimed lunch funds. That district gives you sixty days after withdrawal to request a refund or transfer to a sibling's account. Any money not claimed goes to the child nutrition account.

No matter what district you're in, if you have a child who graduated or left that district or private school, and you believe you have lunch funds still in your child's account, reach out to see if you can get a refund or donate it.

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