NC State students pack up, start moving out after less than a month on campus

Thursday, August 27, 2020
NC State students pack up, start moving out after less than a month on campus
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NC State students pack up, start moving out after less than a month on campus

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- NC State University students started moving out of their campus housing Thursday after Chancellor Randy Woodson ordered students to leave due to the 'unrelenting' spread of COVID-19.

Robert Bagby moved out of his dorm with some help from his dad, Ray.

"It didn't surprise me because the way everything's been going," father Ray Bagby told ABC11. "Just happened a little quicker than we thought it would."

Students starting moving in for the fall semester between July 31 and August 9.

UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate classes to shift entirely online after multiple COVID-19 clusters reported, chancellor announces

"Honestly, moving out is a little tough," Robert Bagby, a sophomore, said. "Kind of coming back for a minute and getting to leave."

All undergraduate classes have been moved online.

Several students on Thursday said they plan on moving back home with their parents. But, they say, they'll take measures to protect their families.

East Carolina University police shut down 20 parties, one with nearly 400 students, days into fall semester

"I'm going to get tested, then I'm probably just going to stay in my room for a few days and quarantine there," said freshman Peyton Applegate.

Robert Bagby said he also plans to quarantine from his parents when he gets back but recognizes that not all students have that option.

"I know I've been really careful on campus but you never know what you've been exposed to," Bagby said. "I'm worried for a lot of people cause a lot of people have to move back with their families so I could see that being a bad problem starting more clusters in other towns."

The moves are happening over an 11-day period, ending Sept. 6, so students can physically distance.

Classes are cancelled next Monday and Tuesday so students can move out.

In a note to the NC State community, the chancellor said students will get prorated refunds for housing and dining.

Many freshmen said they're sad they're not getting the full college experience. John Craven's parents found a unique way to make sure he still gets it.

"My parents are actually converting my sister's old room to make it kind of like my dorm," Craven said. "So that was really sweet. They're trying to make me have the college experience even if I can't be on campus."

Video of an NC State party surfaced on social media recently. The university is looking into it and students could face disciplinary actions. Such situations upset some students who now have to make the journey back home to stay with their parents.

"I was expecting people to have common sense to know that the virus is still out there and that you can indeed still get it," freshman Jade Darden said. "I expect them to wear a mask, sanitize and be safe but nah."

Darden is going back home to Atlanta.

"I did take a COVID test to make sure I don't have it and bring it back to my family," Darden said.