NC State men's basketball arrives home to hundreds of adoring fans on campus

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Monday, April 8, 2024
NC State men's basketball arrives home to hundreds of adoring fans on campus
The NC State Wolfpack are back in Raleigh after a magical run in the NCAA Tournament.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The NC State Wolfpack got back in Raleigh Sunday night.

The men flew back from Phoenix after losing in the Final Four to Purdue, but they weren't alone when they got back to campus.

"All the love man even after a loss it's incredible to see," said DJ Burns. "It was an amazing experience we might never come close to again. Those guys might but I'm all out."

Hundreds of fans greeted the team outside the Dail Basketball Center including senior Kayla Holloway.

"Just how proud they've made this entire state," she said. "Not just the city but the entire state, they continuously fought, worked together as a team, showed that anything is possible."

Freshmen Reagan Oates and Taylor Hardman were there too.

Taylor got autographs from DJ Horne and her favorite player, Ben Middlebrooks.

"They carried us this far so why not next year....why not next year?" both said. "Their making it to the Final Four is almost as good as their winning it all. Everybody thinks NC State is UNC's little brother but we're not."

The last man standing signing autographs was Raleigh's own DJ Horne.

"To pull up after a loss and see all the love and support we're getting from our campus it means a lot," Horne said. "Hopefully to set the stage for NC State basketball in the years to come. Not everyone gets to say they've been there and get to play there. I'm grateful that my name is somewhere in those history books. Something I'll never forget."