'Over in 30 seconds.' NC neighbors clean up after storm leaves trail of destruction

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Monday, May 1, 2023
Kenly neighbors clean up after storm leaves trail of destruction
Neighbors in Kenly cleaning up after Sunday's storm damage.

KENLY, N.C. (WTVD) -- "Started feeling a few sprinkles and just this God awful noise that everybody talks about--sounded like a train"

Crews have been working in Wilson County near Kenly to get the lines back up and power back on after strong storms moved through quickly.

By the time Scott Hinnant and his family found a place to hide, the storm was gone.

"I hollered for everybody to get into the bathroom, got down the hallway and by the time we got in and closed the doors it was over with," he said.

With that ferocious wind and rain came the aftermath in front of his home on Cedar Creek Church Road.

There were also massive limbs that came down in his backyard. His red barn was completely destroyed too.

Michael Nichols' yard on Frank Road also had debris pile up after the storms moved through.

His camper shifted, the tailgate of his black truck also had a huge dent in it and then there were the endless tree limbs he had to clean up.

It took that long to tear up the barn in Frank Scott's backyard and send cinderblocks across the road.

"There's a lot of things that can't be, but that can be replaced and we're seeing this in the field right? it goes all the way for a solid half mile," he said.

It also opened his freezer and meat came flying out. The top of the beet jar in his fridge shattered, but somehow the towels right next to that fridge barely moved.

Power was also knocked out in that area for some time.

Another portion of the Triangle that was sitting in the dark because of the weather was northern Orange County where about 400 customers had no electricity overnight.

About 400 customers had no electricity overnight in parts of Orange County, but the power is back on.