CrossFit community rallies around adaptive athlete who needs help getting Visa

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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CrossFit community rallies around athlete who needs help getting Visa

Neuse River CrossFit is home to more than 100 members and many of them are adaptive athletes. And one of their shining stars needs help to stay in America.

For more than a decade, Victor Hugo Castro's passion has been only CrossFit.

It's a passion he now does with one arm since a motorcycle accident a few years back.

"There is something in the human nature that, as soon as someone tells you you're not allowed to do it or you're not able to do it anymore, the first thing you're gonna do is try," he said.

Now he competes under the title of "adaptive athlete."

He also helps other adaptive athletes at Neuse River CrossFit.

"Being able to reach more people right now with one arm than I could do with two arms -- that tells me a lot," said Castro.

But the Ecuadorian native's Visa needs renewing so he can stay to compete and help others like him.

The owner at Neuse River CrossFit and his team created a GoFundMe to support his cause.

Money donated will help him hire an attorney and attend CrossFit events.