Sexy seniors bare (nearly) all for a good cause in New Jersey

Friday, October 31, 2014
Sexy seniors come out with calendar
Darla Miles has the story of some New Jersey seniors who are nearly baring all for a good cause.

POMPTOM PLAINS, New Jersey -- Some inspiring, beautiful and anything but bashful residents from the Cedar Crest Continuing Care Retirement Community in Pomptom Plains, New Jersey are doing their part to help others by baring it all, or at least most of it, raising money for a great cause.

More than 200 Cedar Crest residents attended a special gala Thursday where they not only contributed to the Cedar Crest Resident Care Fund by purchasing an original calendar, but also support the Cedar Crest Stars, who revealed the cold, hard naked truth about their year-long photo shoot in their birthday suits.

The Cedar Crest Resident Care Fund is a program that provides future financial support for residents who may find that they have exhausted their financial resources due to unforeseen circumstances such as long-term illness.

Sales of the 2015 calendar have already exceeded expectations, raising more than $8,000 in just three weeks.

Resident Don Rodgers is smiling and proud of his 88-year-old girlfriend Colleen Cavavan, better known as Ms. May.

"All of these photos related to one of the activities or clubs on camera," photographer Larry Curran said.

The garden is the backdrop for the two ladies of August, Edith Dombal and Christa Tromplay.

Ms. September, 85-year-old Norma Spero, was in the library, where she volunteers.

"We wanted to do it discretely," she said. "Somebody slipped in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' there, though."

The whole thing was May Fisher's idea, and they pulled it off to help out their neighbors at Cedar Crest who may have financial need.

"The idea came out of seeing it," she said. "One of our other neighbors brought a calendar from, and we saw it, and we said hey, let's do it."

And since it's for charity, maybe we shouldn't tell anyone they're not really naked.

"If you look behind it, you'll see we're wearing bathing suits or things that are draped," Fisher said.

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