Disabled Vietnam veteran receives new roof on 50th wedding anniversary

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Disabled Vietnam veteran and hurricane Florence survivor Jimmy Kirby is beyond grateful to have a new roof over his head. It's been a few tough years dealing with leaks that caused mold to grow inside his home.

"The average roof in Fayetteville is anywhere from $7,000-8,000. The best shock factor is when its done. They can actually see the result," PW Roofing owner Robert Holdaway said.

PW Roofing supplied the manpower, Owens Corning provided the shingles, and Habitat for Humanity facilitated this partnership which did not cost Kirby a dime.

The 76-year-old veteran was too shy to talk on camera, but allowed ABC11 to snap a picture of him and his wife as they celebrated 50 years of marriage. The couple has lived in the same home for almost 40 years.

"When I came I saw the distress on their face and how worried they were about the rain coming into their home. They explained how they've been going through programs and nobody has been able to help them," said Lupita Trevino with Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition. "They're ecstatic to know that someone cared enough to say, 'Hey, this family really needs help.'"
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