Raleigh mom accused of abusing her baby pleads guilty before trial

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A Raleigh mother pleaded guilty in a Wake County courtroom Friday to felony neglect inflicting serious bodily injuries on her infant.

Marty Peele's son, Micah, was stripped away from her in July of 2014.

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Before her trial Friday, Peele pleaded guilty to the charges as part of a plea deal that allows her to avoid jail time.

Peele had plenty of support in the courtroom Friday.

Her friend Laura Antonelli said Peele did not want to take the plea but "she had no choice. When your hands are tied and the world is against you, you have to do what's best for your family not necessarily what is 100% truthful but what is best. And after just digging deep and looking into everything what her true options were, she made the best decision on what she had to do.

"This whole situation is unfortunate," Antonelli added, "and there really isn't justice in this situation, and I just hope she gets Micah back. She's a great mother."

Though Peele did not say anything after court, on her Facebook page she posted, "Next to the day Micah was taken this has to be the hardest day of my life. Justice isn't just but I must do what is in the best interest for Micah and me being able to develop some sort of relationship with him."

The judge said Peele's son had more than a dozen injuries including fractured and healing bones.

Police had said Peele broke 12 of her 4-month-old son's ribs. Since being arrested, Peele had been fighting to prove she did not hurt her son.

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Instead she said Micah's injuries were due to a bone disorder, and several doctors from around the country agreed.

Officials had said the trial would have been a battle of the experts.

Last year, Peele sat down with ABC11 I-Team Troublshooter Diane Wilson and showed her the X-rays, medical reports, and doctor letters that supported her claim that Micah's injuries were due to a vitamin D deficiency and bone disease.

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Marty Peele insisted she would never take a plea deal in the case of her son's alleged abuse when she spoke with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson

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Authorities later criticized Peele for talking to ABC11 and accusing the state of medically kidnapping Micah.

Since ABC11's story aired, Peele's case caught national attention. She later made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, which the prosecutor said Friday "disparaged" a noble investigation by her office, the Raleigh Police Department, and child protective services.

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