Teen pulled from north Raleigh pond

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It was a harrowing day for a 13-year-old Raleigh girl who fell into the ice of a neighborhood pond. She was quickly rescued by first responders.

"I heard a lot of screaming outside," said neighbor Brad Martin.

Martin heard the girl's screams from inside his home on Holdenby Trail which sits adjacent to the pond.

The teen had fallen and was trapped in the partially frozen-over water.

"It was a bunch of screaming, yelling. It was really bad. She was crying as she was stuck out there on top of the water. It was pretty rough," Martin said.

Eyewitnesses said the teen and friends were walking along the retention wall that borders the shallow pond. Samanth Scipioni said it's a popular neighborhood hangout spot.

"A lot of people [walk back there], especially to walk the dogs and stuff like that," said Scipioni.

The girl slipped and fell down some 15 feet, landing on top of the ice.

With her leg stuck in the frozen water, firefighters and EMS rushed to the subdivision. Neighbors were scared.

"If she was fully covered, what happened? Is she going to get hypothermia or something like that," Scipioni said.

Two Raleigh firefighters successfully pulled the teen to safety.

Understandably shaken, paramedics warmed her up in the back of an ambulance before sending her home with mom, safe and sound.

"It's crazy, first snow we get and we've got to deal with something like this," said Martin. "I'm glad that she was ok."

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