Troubleshooter solves security company dispute

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Cancelling services when you are moving to a new place should be simple, but for one local woman, it was the complete opposite.

Michelle Swart is her dad's power of attorney and has been trying to take care of all of his affairs since he moved into a memory care facility.

She got his Fayetteville house sold, but says she couldn't get her dad out of his contract with his security company, Power Home Technologies.

"They said they wouldn't cancel it unless we give them documentation that he was living permanently in a memory facility," Swart said. "So I went to them and I got that letter, called back to find out where to send it and they said well that's not enough."

She was shocked since the system was no longer hooked up in her dad's home, but he was still being charged.

"They sent me a letter saying if you don't pay it we are going to send it over to a collection agency," she said.

The letter stated that she had three options -- either continue to make his monthly payments for the remaining two years on the contract, pay out the remaining of the contract, which was $797, or find a new homeowner to take over the balance of his contract.

"This has been the one most difficult thing to do, [I've] gotten everything else done that needed to be done for him," Swart said.

Frustrated, Swart contacted ABC11 and we reached out to the president of Raleigh's Power Home Technologies. He said this was the first time he heard about any problems with this customer, and due to extreme circumstance he would agree to cancel the contract.

It's a big relief for Swart.

When it comes to security systems and their contracts, it is very tough to get out of them, even if you move. The best advice, before you sign up for one, is to read over the terms and conditions.

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