Are dating apps ruining the dating world? Local relationship expert weighs in

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Do dating apps actually work?
According to Statista, 25.7 million people have at least one dating app downloaded on their phone.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's no secret dating has changed in the past decade. A lot of people are skipping traditional introductions to swipe right and swipe left.

According to Statista, right now 25.7 million people have at least one dating app downloaded on their phone. Bumble and Tinder are the most popular apps in the last 12 months.

But the question is do dating apps actually work, or are they just ruining dating?

Some call it the old fashion way of meeting someone.

In the wild, at a bar or a setup and with the times that changed to online dating where it was you a computer and someone was only a click away

But now dating has switched to the swipe where you could find your love in the palm of your hands with multiple dating apps

"I was on all the dating apps, I did POF, I did ok Cupid, that was a thing back then. Bumble was newer," said Clarissa Hyneman.

She says before her husband Shon, she played her luck on her phone swiping left and right.

"There were some good men on there I won't sit here and say everyone was terrible," she said.

But says it took her a while to figure out what she really needed.

A common theme relationship expert Elizabeth Overstreet says she sees a lot.

"There is a fatigue that is happening on one side and I think people are trying to navigate how do I meet people outside of this digital space?" she said.

Especially if your wallet is suffering just as much as your dating life.

"There's $4.2 billion in 2021 that was spent on dating apps, but the number of people who end up in committed relationships is less than 20%," Overstreet said.

Which means most of the time the only connection your making is with the wifi.

"What that tells me is still we are looking for all these options but it's still about quality not quantity," she explained.

Shon Hyneman was married previously so he avoided "dating" apps

"I was on Instagram one day and I see a picture of hers and we were already connected through someone so she was in my algorithm. I seen her, I liked a picture, I liked another picture and I slid in her inbox he slid in the DM's," Shon explained about meeting Clarissa.

Then 6 months later he slid down on one knee.

"This is how we do things I'm actually surprised when you meet them normal it's like oh you actually met them at a grocery store?" said Clarissa.

But would they do it the same way if they had to do it again?

"With Gods grace that will not happen. But if I had to you know if things didn't work out I would do both. There is pros and cons to everything. I will make sure because I am more vigilant about things I would make sure the person fills out the profile to completion with their goals their morals and values align with mine.

And Elizabeth Overstreet also said that is the key to any type of dating is intentionality, use common sense and really vet your potential suitors. Not to mention the Hynemans now try and help other people looking for love through their YouTube channel Scary to Remarry.

If you have any questions for Elizabeth Overstreet, she is Gottman Certified in Relationship Courses and you can contact her over on her website.