Armstrong: Snoop Dogg holds court with Panthers

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Friday, February 5, 2016
Snoop Dogg visits with the Panthers at their press conference Thursday.
Snoop Dogg visits with the Panthers at their press conference Thursday.

SAN JOSE (WTVD) -- You never know what'll come down the pike at a Super Bowl. Today that meant Snoop Dogg attending the Panthers' press conference with not only a question for Cam Newton, but also a quick ballad asking for a dab, and then a request. That Cam deliver TD game balls for all three of his kids during the game on Sunday. Cam asked where they'd be sitting and Snoop said 'right where they need to be.'

Snoop Dogg came to meet with the Panthers, and told Cam Newton he expects at least three touchdowns, or one for each of his children.
Mark Armstrong

Somewhat unexpectedly, Snoop asked for a photo before all this happened. I was happy to oblige.

The Panthers are ready and very importantly, healthy. Every player here practiced in full on Saturday save for those already ruled out.

Getty captured a good photo of the forearm protection Thomas Davis is/will use during the game.

Davis by the way won the NFLPA's Whizzer White Award for his work in the community, just the latest nod to what a truly good guy he is off the field. On the field though? I'd keep your distance.

I spent time interviewing each of the O-Lineman for a story today. Highlights included:

Position coach John Matsko saying that the offseason acquisition of Michael Oher was no gamble. 'I knew. I knew.' Matsko says the day he took the job in Carolina he started agitating to get Oher in real.

RT Mike Remmers on the line's shared interests: 'Food.'

LG Andrew Norwell when I told him he'd gone 834 snaps without a penalty in the regular season, the only guard to do so: 'Really? I didn't even know that. That's cool. I need to tell someone.'

RG Trai Turner's the most ebullient of the bunch. When I asked him about the O-Line's weekly 'Fellowship Thursday': 'How'd you know about that? It's the highlight of the week. We just sit and pow- wow. What's the word? Kumbaya.'

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Friday we'll focus on Josh Norman.

While most players have long since tired of answering our questions, he was still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Thursday. When I asked him how he's stayed so enthusiastic, he just said 'It's the golden game! ... I can't be anyone else than me.'

He's something special.

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