Mother of Santa Fe High School shooting victim: "Know what your kid is doing"

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Shooting victim's mother has strong words on parenting
Shooting victim's mother has strong words on parenting

SANTA FE, Texas -- When gunfire erupted at Santa Fe High School on Friday, May 18, lives were forever changed. Sophomore baseball player Rome Shubert said the gunman walked into his classroom and tossed something onto desks. As Rome ran for his life, he later realized he'd been wounded.

"I was running and looked down and noticed there was blood on my shirt. I thought it was somebody else's but somebody told me I was actually shot in the back of the head," he recalled.

Rome was incredibly lucky. He was shot in the back of the head, but miraculously escaped major injury.

Despite his injury, the day after the shooting, Rome got back on the baseball field - with the initials of the victims on his arm.

"Just to show there's some light on this, kind of bring everybody up," he said. "Just give a little feeling of hope. I wanted to be out there with all my friends and show them I'm still here."

As the community struggles for answers, Rome's mother, Shari Shubert, had some strong words in the wake of the tragedy.

When asked if she ever thought this could happen here, she responded, "Sadly, I did. ... I feel like it's a pattern with these shootings, and nothing has changed after each one. The shooting happens, our thoughts and prayers are with you, we debate gun control, then we're numb and it goes away and there's another shooting."

Shari expressed the need to address mental illness and being there for one another, while "not ignoring those who seem like they need help."

During a live interview on 'Good Morning America,' Shari pressed on with the need for hands-on parenting.

"Know what your kid is doing. I know what my kid is doing," she said. "He is accounted for at all times. He has friends because I took him to parties and I did things with him. We know who he is and what he is about. I know what he is posting on social media. I know what Rome is doing. I am invested in Rome. Parenting is priority."