This environmentally-friend baby clothes platform is for you!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020
this company helps parents keep up with their baby's growth spurts in an environmentally friendly way
BNDL helps connect busy parents with the clothes they need for growing kids!In this video, we interview the founder of BNDL, a baby clothing company that helps parents keep up with their child's growth spurts by connecting them with other parents as their kids grow out of the clothing. The company is environmentally friendly because it prevents waste when parents have to throw out their child's clothes when they grow out of them.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- "Businesses can always do good. It doesn't just have to be during a pandemic." Kandice Watson knows how difficult it can be for parents to keep up with their kid's growth spurts! Her company, BNDL is a platform that helps connect busy parents get the clothes they need for their growing babies, cheaper and faster, all while helping the environment.