Parents on alert after 2 near-drownings in the Triangle

When the relentless summer sun's high in the sky, many families seek relief at the nearest pool or lake. But two scares Saturday involving children and pools have parents on alert.

Durham police responded Saturday evening to a call from an apartment community on Bertland Road. First responders detected a pulse before rushing the 10-year-old to the hospital where, at last check, he was stable.

Authorities say there was a crowd Saturday evening at that pool.

The next day, more area pools like the Woodcroft Swim and Tennis Club filled early with bathers trying to cool off.

2 children nearly drown in the Triangle on Saturday, officials say

Peter Campbell, his wife and children arrived at Woodcroft and said they looked forward to seeing the friends who invited them over for a swim.

"If we have to be outside at all, it's just important to be at the pool. 'Cause keeping these guys inside doesn't work," said Campbell.

Campbell and his wife had plans for safety before they reached the pool area.

"Yeah, we're playing a little zone defense, that's for sure! These guys are 5, they're just learning to swim," Campbell said. "The other one's 3. It's just a matter of keeping your eyes on them at all times."

That's especially important on a day like Sunday, when the heat is high and many people are heading to pools and lakes in the area.

The second near drowning, in Raleigh, involved a toddler at Wake Mills Lane. First responders rushed that child to the hospital where police tell us he's expected to recover.

"It's definitely important to keep your eyes on them, stay within two to three feet," Campbell said. "10 feet, tops."

Remind children you know of the advice young Aubrey Kimball heard from his parents and shared with ABC11.

"To be careful, and not to be crazy," he said. Have fun! But still be careful."
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