Pendo City of Oaks marathon brings big crowds downtown

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Hundreds of eager runners filled the streets of downtown Raleigh for the 2021 edition of the city's hometown race Sunday morning. Their supporters cheered them on from the sidewalks along the route of the 15th annual Pendo City of Oaks Marathon.

"We're loving life, it's a brisk morning," said Dave Guinn, husband of first time marathoner Kara Guinn.

"My daughter," said Walter Seifer. "We used to run together. She was actually coached by my running partner who gave her my name: Supersonic Seif."

Guinn added: "It's a lot of runners, we're cheering them on and it's gonna be an incredible day watching them fulfill their dreams of tackling something neat like a marathon."

While one of Kara Guinn's children predicted she'd finish first, she was the 508th marathon runner to cross the finish line.

Another runner's husband brought their two children along to cheer for her, as well.

"Hopefully everyone's vaccinated. And we're people. We're social people," said Joyopi Mishra as waves of unmasked runners passed by.

At the end of the races, runners were welcomed with a party and a chance to catch their breath while congratulating each other on their achievements.

They and their supporters appreciated the opportunity to see Raleigh in a different way on a brisk autumn day.
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