Lee County deputies investigate after puppy's paw severed

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Puppy's paw cut off in Fayetteville
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The whole litter is being treated at an animal hospital in Fayetteville

LEE COUNTY (WTVD) -- The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a seven week old puppy was found with its leg severed and malnourished.

The puppy, along with the runt, were infested with parasites and emaciated from neglect.

The two pups are now being cared for at The Animal Hospital of Fayetteville.

Dr. Brittany McLamb was shocked when the animals came in.

"They were very hungry, covered in poop, fleas," said McLamb.

That wasn't even the worst of it, the seven week old puppy's leg was severed.

"It's hard to say what happened to them but whatever happened it was just horrible for that puppy to be in that condition for that long," McLamb added.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating what happened. They found out through a facebook post after it was shared hundreds of times.

"Some people get overwhelmed, don't get their dogs spayed, neutered, then wind up with a bunch of puppies to care for and don't know what to do with," said McLamb.

These pups now have 24-hour care in Fayetteville.

"She's still in critical care but if she makes it through surgery, she'll do just fine on three legs," McLamb explained.

The Animal Hospital of Fayetteville is accepting donations for the puppies.