Man in New York creates hilarious signs to lure ants into traps

BROOKLYN, New York -- A man in Brooklyn, New York is making headlines for his creative way to rid ants from his kitchen.

Pat Tobin says for a few weeks the ants just walked around the poison traps, so to get them through the door he tried to fake them out by Tweeting clever little signs he made to get those ants marching in - one by one.

One of his signs advertised a Blockbuster video, where they can find all their cheap DVDs and BluRays. How could they resist?

But if these ants are more into being bookworms than relaxing and watching a movie, he also set up a reading center where they can learn to read.

Ants love picnics and snacks, so he may have gotten some takers in the organic market featuring fresh local produce.

Finally, the one tweet that sent this situation to super viral status - he's promising sexy ant dancers.

While it looks like the dancers may have brought in one customer, there is no word on whether his Brooklyn ants bought any of the rest of it.
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