State AG investigating North Carolina solar panel company Pink Energy after 270 complaints filed

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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"Instead of saving money, I'm paying extra money...They say it works but I have not seen anything."

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- There are new details into a Troubleshooter investigation involving a North Carolina-based solar panel company that left customers with thousands of dollars worth of often-inoperable equipment on their homes.

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office confirms it is investigating the company, Pink Energy also known as PowerHome Solar. That company closed up shop during ABC11's investigation into problems its customers were experiencing. Attorney General Josh Stein's office said it received 270 complaints about the company -- this is 150 more than when Troubleshooter Diane Wilson first exposed the problems with the solar panel company in September.

During that investigation, Wilson heard from dozens of customers who showed her how their solar panels were not saving them money or weren't even working at all. Pink Energy blamed the troubles on one of its part suppliers, and then Pink Energy shut down unexpectedly.

Many Pink Energy customers remain stuck with solar energy systems that aren't working.

Besides NC AG Stein investigating Pink Energy, Attorney Generals in Ohio, Virginia, and Missouri are also investigating or taking action against Pink Energy. The CEO of the company did break his silence about his company shutting down unexpectedly on his LinkedIn page. He continues to blame his company's and customers' troubles on the solar equipment provided by Generac; he continues to urge Generac to issue a national recall.

A spokesperson for Generac said in part, "In certain situations, especially when product installation guidelines have not been followed, as appears to be the case with some Pink Energy installations, customers may have experienced certain issues with a particular Generac component of their solar energy system - the SnapRS 801 or 801A. We have introduced a new next-generation rapid shutdown device, which has been designed and engineered to the highest reliability standards. We are committed to getting those upgrades and warranty replacements taken care of as quickly as possible and those steps are well underway. It is unfortunate that Pink Energy, as the installer and service provider of such products, has made the unilateral decision to quit offering Generac warranty support despite the availability of parts. Instead of helping expedite the resolution of their customer complaints, they have asked Generac to solely assume this responsibility. Although Pink Energy does not appear to put the needs of these customers first, Generac has - and always will - stand behind our products and honor our customer commitments."

In August, Pink Energy filed a federal lawsuit against Generac alleging defective products which impacted Pink Energy's business and reputation. However, Pink Energy did not start working with Generac until two years ago, and many of the customer complaints against the company were filed before that partnership. Pink Energy has not yet addressed that.