NC delegation gets special guests at Republican National Convention

BySteve Daniels and Nicole Hare via WTVD logo
Thursday, July 21, 2016
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Donald Trump's son Eric and his wife Lara

CLEVELAND (WTVD) -- Some special guests appeared at the North Carolina delegation's breakfast at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Thursday.

Donald Trump's son Eric, and Eric's wife Lara, stopped in for a pep talk.

Lara Trump, who graduated from NC State and grew up in Wrightsville Beach, led the room in the NC State fight song when Wolfpack alumni in the room put her to the test.

"I feel great about North Carolina in November. All the feedback I've gotten from around the state really has been very positive," said Lara Trump.

ABC11 asked Eric Trump about the big story at the convention: Ted Cruz getting heckled when he did not endorse Eric's father.

"When the runner-up to the whole primary process gets booed off the stage, and all you hear is make America great chants and Trump chants, The Republican Party is together," said Eric Trump.

Ernie Wittenborn, an NC delegate, doesn't feel the same way.

"I was extremely disappointed that he could not bring himself to do that," he said. "And people like myself, who are supporters of him just don't understand why his ego got in the way.

The North Carolina delegates were looking ahead to Thursday tonight and Trump officially accepting the nomination.

"Everybody's not always going to agree on things, but I'm glad that the party's come together for Donald Trump, said delegate Mona Rabin.

And Eric Trump says his dad's speech will build on that party unity.

"Tonight is really one of the defining moments of his life and he's taking it very, very seriously but a lot of thought and heart into speech and I think it's gonna blow people away," he said.


And Eric said he thinks the Donald Trump presidential campaign is changing the way people think and how they vote.

"Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are switching from the Democratic Party and independent party to vote for my father. He's growing the party immensely," said Trump.

One of those converts is Ty Turner, a North Carolina delegate to the GOP Convention.

He switched to the Republican Party a year ago and is a big Trump supporter.

"The Democratic Party left me. I'm not a rubber stamp. I didn't agree. It was moving far left. It took God out of its platform," said Turner.

The 35-year-old owns his own small business.

"A lot of black belles are leaving the party, the Democratic Party. We don't feel like we're a part of it. It doesn't talk about economic success, it's not talking about lowering taxes, starting business within the minority households," he said.

Two years ago, Ty ran for a seat in the legislature as a Democrat, and then had a change of heart.

"My generation actually trying to ask those tough questions that no one really asked before," he said. "It's been a great decision since I made that decision."