Property manager calls cops on man for wearing socks in pool

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Saturday, July 7, 2018
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Cops called on black man with socks on, at pool

MEMPHIS, Tennessee -- A Memphis property manager was fired after what happened at an apartment complex swimming pool on Thursday.

Camry Porter says the manager at her apartment complex approached her boyfriend for wearing socks in the pool, but before he could comply, the police were called.

Porter says this all happened because she and her boyfriend are black.

"I pay rent like everyone else. I have never had any issues with a sock until today. Mind you, we are the only black people out here, and as soon as we walked up she had something to say," Porter said.

Porter shot cell phone video of the incident on July 4. She says it shows the former property manager calling the Memphis police.

"A property manager should be able to deescalate something without involving MPD," Porter said.

The Memphis native claims the manager did not seem to have a clear explanation for what was "proper" pool attire.

"She said no hats, no shirts and no socks. But we have two men - who are her friends - sitting here in hats," said Porter.

A Facebook post led the apartment's ownership group to reach out to Porter.

On the company's Facebook page they released a statement saying, in part;" The former employee's action violate our company's policies and beliefs. She is no longer employed by Riverset Apartments."

"You can't treat people like that in this day and age. It's not right," Porter said.