Millennium Sports Club in Durham closing after 22 years

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 6:56PM
Millenium Sports Club in Durham closing after 22 years
Doors will close on May 24.

DURHAM , N.C. (WTVD) -- It's a space that's open to all who want to stay active, regardless of their age.

But after 22 years, time's running out for Millennium Sports Club.

When the doors close on May 24, the senior citizens in the Silver Sneakers Club won't have a space like this to exercise and socialize.

Like many businesses affected by the pandemic, the owner of Millennium Sports Club had to shut it down temporarily while still owing rent to the landlord.

Now that property owner wants every dollar that's owed, an amount that Silver Sneakers Member Barbara Wrigley estimated to be north of $400,000.

"Where do you get that kind of money to move a business and move all this equipment and keep and, you know, shut down for six or nine months and then expect everybody to show up again?" said Wrigley.

While hoping for a crowdfunded rescue before the 24th, she said this business may resurface elsewhere eventually.

Depending upon the location some Silver Sneakers Club members could face transportation issues.

"We have folks here who are, you know, over for, at least four people in our class are over 90. And so, you know, they get driven here and they, it's their chance to work out and be with their friends and community and have some social time. So it's a sad occasion," said Wrigley.

That's why after Wednesday's workout, they had a going away party.