Fayetteville community captivated by rescued puppies and man who saved them

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Thursday, January 18, 2024
Animal shelter captivated by rescued puppies, man who saved them
Community in awe of homeless man who saved litter of puppies by bringing them to Fayetteville Animal Protection Society.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- After a post about a good Samaritan coming to the rescue of five puppies and leaving them with a heartfelt note at the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS), the Executive Director says the community response has been tremendous.

"It was captivating," explained Jackie Peery, Exec. Dir with FAPS. "You know, just in his story in general. But he is also a gifted writer. And so on Facebook in our community, a lot of people are wondering who he is. So we could band together and help him out. But to this date, we do not know who this gentleman is."

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According to the note, a man experiencing homelessness rescued the puppies after their mother was hit by a car and tragically died. The note explains that the man used to feed the puppy's mother and he thought she might be pregnant. When he saw her on the road, he began searching for her puppies. Due to the man's situation, he wasn't able to care for the puppies so he left them with FAPS.

"This case was a little bit different because he genuinely could not take care of these animals," Peery explained. "These animals were not his. And it was only out of his heart that he did the best thing for them."

"It is just a man that left a note. The only reason we know it's a man is because he said nameless man. But he himself is also homeless like these puppies. The night of the storms was awful, and I can just imagine him out there searching for these puppies at the last known place that he used to feed the mom," Peery added.

Peery said there are three girls and two boys in the litter and they are receiving care but will be up for adoption in a few weeks. Peery and staff are working to come up with a theme of names for the puppies.

"We are thinking because of their luck and the graciousness of that man that we're going to use names, you know, luck, fortune, things like that, to name them."

Peery said FAPS has received calls inquiring about adopting the puppies and some donations of support which she says is the best way to support the work of FAPS.

"We've been here since 1982, and we are the only no-kill nonprofit animal shelter in the area," Peery said. "We pull primarily from county shelters. We pull animals most at risk of euthanasia at any point. Right now we have anywhere between 60 and a hundred animals in our care. We just wanted to thank the public so much in our community for the support that we've received. You know, as a nonprofit, no killer animal shelter. We do not receive any government funding, and we are run solely on donations. So, it is only out of the kindness of everybody's heart and their generosity that FAPS is able to be the safe haven for this gentleman who came and saved those puppies."