'Called out for being different': More claims of racial, ethnic bullying in Johnston County Schools

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
More claims of racial, ethnic bullying in Johnston County Schools
More claims of racial and ethnic bullying have surfaced in Johnston County Schools.

JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- More claims of racial bullying in Johnston County Schools surfaced weeks after an ABC11 report aired showing two White students at Princeton High School allegedly taunting Black students while holding a Trump 2024 flag.

An anonymous Johnston County woman is a graduate of Princeton High School and has children attending the middle school. She fears retaliation. She says her children have also been victims of racial bullying in the district. She told ABC11 that school officials have promoted a racially and culturally insensitive environment for years. She's lived it.

"People would tell her ... go back to where you came from. People would use the n-word in class in front of the teachers. They wouldn't step in or say anything about it," she said. "We were farmworkers. So it was like ... go back to the farm, you Mexican this, you Mexican that. Just always being called out for being a different race than my classmates."

Kauilani Moses brought her concerns to ABC11 after her daughter, Brooklyn fell victim to racially motivated bullying. According to Moses, not one Johnston County Schools administrator eased her concerns so she and her daughter brought it to the school board.

"I plead with all of you to investigate these complaints that my children and other non-white parents and children have gone through and will continue to go through if you choose to stay silent," she said.

Johnston County Schools refused ABC11's request to speak with Superintendent Eric Bracy or school board members. ABC11 asked what actions it has taken around these complaints. The district released this statement:

"Whenever a potential incident is brought to our administrative team's attention we conduct a full investigation. An investigation has been completed in response to the incident in question. Johnston County Public Schools has a very close working relationship with our local law enforcement, and we involve them in an investigation anytime it is deemed necessary. In most instances, these investigations could involve student discipline or confidential information pertaining to our students and will not be shared publicly.

We encourage our students to speak up if they witness or experience anything that makes them feel uncomfortable while in the school setting. We have means of anonymous reporting that have been made available to our students over the last several years, such as our Tip Line and Say Something App. As previously stated, any incidents that are reported to our administrative teams are investigated promptly and thoroughly."

Parents are not convinced.

"I feel like that's just a statement. I don't feel truth behind that," said the anonymous parent.