Raleigh woman stops at store after work, wins a million

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Friday, April 22, 2016

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- What's a better feeling than getting off work? How about winning $1 million on the way home?

That's what Dina Valdez of Raleigh did Monday. After finishing a shift in the meat department at the grocery store where she works, Valdez stopped at the East Raleigh Family Fare on New Bern Avenue to buy an Ultimate Millions ticket. Scratching it off as she left the store, Valdez got excited when she saw that she won a prize.

But she didn't know how much she won. So she called her brother and sister-in-law to look at the ticket.

Her brother told her: "You know you won $1 million, right?"

Valdez had the option of collecting her $1 million prize in the form of 20 annuity payments of $50,000 or a one-time cash payment of $600,000. She chose the lump sum, worth $415,509 after required state and federal withholdings.

Valdez said she plans to meet with her accountant. She didn't have many plans for her winnings. She might take a trip to visit her parents in Guatemala next year, she said.

Valdez is the ninth player to scratch off a $1 million prize playing Ultimate Millions. With her win, nine more $1 million prizes and three $4 million prizes remain. Players can enter their tickets for the game online into a second-chance drawing for another chance to win $1 million.

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