'Making a profit doesn't matter at this point': Raleigh businesses raise money for Uvalde families

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Eleven-year-old Alexa Kaulfuss didn't necessarily know when she stopped by Raleigh Rolls at Morgan Street Food Hall for something special on her day off from school of the effort underway.

The small business, as well as Big League Waffles, are raising money to help Uvalde, Texas, families going through heartbreak.

The fundraiser means a lot to Alexa.

She said, "It's very important that they're doing that."

She's in sixth grade. Both her parents are educators and she even recently participated in a demonstration on the heels of the Texas mass school shooting.

"That scared me kind of because that could happen to any school," Alexa said.

Owner Ramy Bahgat has been equally upset and wants to do his part.

"It touched me and I couldn't stop following on the story and what's been happening in Texas and the families," said Bahgat.

He's getting ready to write a check, though it has been a rough few years.

"Huge labor shortage, food shortage, we still have a hard time getting our hands on all supplies on a regular basis, but it doesn't matter," said Bahgat. "What we're going through is nothing compared to what the families are going through. Making a profit doesn't matter at this point."

Bahgat will be passing along funds to a VictimsFirst online fundraiser, which at last check has raised more than $5 million to be distributed among the families.
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