DMV, TSA urge driver's license holders to obtain 'REAL ID'

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Thursday, November 14, 2019
Less than a year before Real ID goes into effect
Less than a year before Real ID goes into effect

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Travel plans next fall may rely on you having a REAL ID and officials are urging driver's license holders to get it sooner rather than later.

The DMV, TSA, and RDU officials held a news conference on Wednesday morning, encouraging flyers or those who frequent federal facilities to avoid waiting last minute.

According to RDU, around 12.8 million customers flew last year; meanwhile, over at the Fayetteville Regional Airport, that number stands at around 232,000.

The new state license is a part of the REAL ID Act that was passed in 2005. It looks to bring an extra layer of security for places like commercial flying and facilities like Fort Bragg.

The new identification, however, does not prevent a resident from driving, voting, or other activities like having access to a hospital.

If you don't apply for the new ID, you can also use a passport or other appropriate form of documentation.

People like Fayetteville resident May Edwards got ahead of the ball, ordering their new license on Wednesday afternoon.

"They said they'd mail it to me in a couple of weeks," Edwards said.

Terry Smiliez visits Fort Bragg on a regular basis for construction work.

"Sometimes when we have work, we have to go out there," Smiliez said.

The Fayetteville resident applied for the REAL ID several months back.

DMV officials say wait times can vary from time of the day to certain locations.

Here are the number of registered license holders as of 11/11/19:

  • Cumberland County: 41,179 REAL IDs
  • Durham County 48,304 REAL IDs
  • Wake County 210,093 REAL IDs

Michael Landguth, the President and CEO of RDU, says he scheduled his appointment for March 26.

"October 1, 2020, may seem like a long ways away, it'll come very rapidly," Landguth said.