'I got a good picture of you:' Father grills daughter's first date over Ring doorbell intercom

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Father meets daughter's date over doorbell intercom
'I GOT A GOOD PICTURE OF YOU:' One Massachusetts father couldn't be there in person to meet his daughter's date due to work, but he used technology to his advantage.(Pedro Lugo)

Many fathers want to meet their daughter's dates at the front door.

One Massachusetts father couldn't be there in person due to work, but he used technology to his advantage.

"I get to see your face, but you don't get to see mine. Hahaha!" the father said over the intercom.

Father Pedro Lugo made sure to grill his daughter Grace's new date, Jared Downey, before he left the front porch.

Lugo made sure Jared knew he had a good picture of him already. Like a good dad laying down the law, he also set up some parameters before letting him get away.

"Just make sure you treat her correctly because that's my first daughter," Lugo said.

"You don't have to worry, sir," Jared assured him.

Then Lugo set the curfew, which Grace playfully tested.

"Yeah, so before 10:30 p.m.," Lugo said.

"OK, 11 o'clock," Grace responded.

"10:30 p.m."


"Don't make me look for you. Because I will, you know I will," Lugo said.

Lugo even made sure his other son took a photo of Jared's license plate before he pulled away from the curb.

We spoke with Grace's brother Tuesday and it seems like things are going well.

Not only did Jared get Grace home by 10:18 p.m., he took her to a Red Sox game for their next date.

Lugo still hasn't met Jared but is now making plans to do so.