Dollar Tree Customer Takes Down Armed Robber

FRESNO, Calif. -- A customer at a Dollar Tree store took down an armed robber in Fresno, Calif.

Police say when officers showed up to the store on Tulare near First Street, 31-year-old Tyrece Jefferson was already on the ground and two people were on top of him.

Lieutenant Joe Gomez said, "there was a fight, very violent struggle."

It all started around noon on Thanksgiving Day. Lt. Gomez with the Fresno Police Department said Jefferson walked into the store wearing a mask, he pointed a gun at a cashier and demanded cash. The register wouldn't open and a customer took action.

"He got kind of on the side of the suspect," Lt. Gomez said, "he punched him in the head, the suspect was waving the gun around, he was pointing it towards the victim's family."

Gomez said the customer wrestled Jefferson to the ground. A shot was fired, no one was hit and the robber lost his grip on the gun. Moments later, an employee jumped in, a witness grabbed the gun and officers arrested Jefferson.

Yahaira Mejia who works nearby said, "that's crazy...yeah, you never I said there's no security here and for a customer to do that, takes a lot of courage."

Gloria Salciedo lives down the street and said she's proud of all 3 people who stepped up to stop the robbery, "whoever they are, thank you so much for keeping our neighborhood safe."

Lt. Gomez said Jefferson was on parole for robbery, he's a validated gang member and he's facing several felony charges.

According to police, Jefferson confessed to the crime and it was also caught on surveillance video.

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