Benefit honors life of murdered 15-year-old girl

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Saturday, March 12, 2016
Remembering a life
Benefit honors the life of Danielle Locklear, murdered at 15.

AUTRYVILLE (WTVD) -- Friday was not an easy day for Rowna Fowler. She looked to family to comfort and guide her through the pain. It has been two years since her daughter Danielle Locklear was murdered.

"It's hard every day," Fowler said. "I was blessed with 15 years."

There was a benefit concert to honor the 15-year-old's life at the EH Community Center in Autryville.

Locklear's family raised money from the event and is working to set up a foundation to help victims of domestic violence.

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"We're trying to embrace everybody. That's why we're having this little concert tonight," Fowler said. "I'm trying to stay strong and be uplifting and also keep a clear mind at the same time for my family and other people that are here that has been in the same situation."

Many people in the crowd knew Locklear and desperately tried to find her when she vanished.

The teen was ultimately found at the bottom of the South River. Her body was weighted down with cinder blocks.

Investigators say ex-boyfriend Je'Michael Malloy choked Locklear to death, stuffed a sock in her mouth, and then, with help from Dominic Lock, tossed her over a bridge.

Malloy is now weighing a possible plea deal. The 19-year-old faces a first-degree murder charge.

At a court hearing Monday, an attorney for Malloy said he is ready to accept a plea deal on a capital murder charge that would sentence his client from 25 years to life with the possibility of parole.

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